Tuesday • 6pm-7pm (France) / 12pm-13pm (Quebec)


Freedom and flexibility

Live classes, replay for 7 days

After teaching in Montreal, Tenerife, Azores and France, I am very happy to share weekly virtual yoga classes, which you can participate in live or up to a week after each session.

Moments of relaxation and well-being from the comfort of your own home, classes open to everyone, whether you are a novice or have been a for years.

We invite movement, we take time to breathe and we offer a true ode to the poetry of the body through Vinyasa flows, mixing intuitive movement, softness and fluidity - in music.

*Classes will be in French or English, or both, depending on who is present :) in any case, be assured that I will do everything necessary to offer inclusive and comfortable practices for all!

How to join

It's very simple: just sign up below!

The courses are on voluntary donation :) You can send a transfer of the amount of your choice either via Interac or via PayPal to:

On the day of the yoga class, I will email you the Zoom link of our practice, as well as the playlist :) then after each practice, I will send you the link of the practice in replay (for 7 days)

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Thank you for signing up :) see you soon on our yoga mats!